BCT is an approach for depression for couples that can help people in a relationship with the emotional difficulties that can arise between partners, especially when one or both people are depressed.

A key component of this therapy is to focus on improving your communication difficulties within the relationship. This therapy sees you, the couple, as one patient and does not attempt to provide individual therapy for one specific person within your relationship.

The BCT model focuses on the relational aspects of depression and on factors that reduce stress and increase support within the couple. These sessions follow a model which focusses on the relational aspects of depression: relieving stress and improving communication, managing feelings and changing behaviour, solving problems and promoting acceptance, and revising perceptions


The focus of the treatment is on:

  • relieving stress and improving communication
  • managing feelings and changing behaviour
  • solving problems
  • promoting acceptance
  • revising perceptions.


What is required?

  • Both partners willing to work together in therapy
  • Both partners committed to attending sessions
  • Openness to new perspectives
  • Practising tools and techniques away from the sessions
  • Ability to set limited achievable goals to work on during treatment