Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017/2018


This section details the main findings from the Patient Experience Questionnaires (PEQs) returned by service-users who completed therapy with Talk Wandsworth from April 2017 to March 2018 - 268 service-users returned the PEQ during this period.


The PEQ used by Talk Wandsworth is based on the questionnaire developed by the national IAPT team. It takes the form of seven statements:


  1. I am satisfied with the time I waited for my first and subsequent appointments
  2. Staff listened to me and treated my concerns seriously
  3. I was involved in making choices about my treatment and care
  4. The service has helped me to have a better understanding of my problems
  5. I had confidence in my therapist and his / her skills and techniques
  6. On reflection, I received the help that mattered to me
  7. I would recommend Wandsworth IAPT Service to a friend


Each of which respondents are asked to rate:


  • strongly agree
  • agree
  • neither agree nor disagree
  • disagree
  • or, strongly disagree