By learning and talking about your feelings in a confidential setting with people who feel a similar way, group therapy aims to help you understand more about your problems, become comfortable interacting with others and find solutions and techniques to help you overcome how you feel.


Group therapy can be very effective as it helps you understand your problems and learn practical skills to help you cope with them. Talk Wandsworth offers group courses for a range of problems in a range of locations across the Borough. Sessions are held on a regular basis in a private setting and led by a two trained therapists who will guide the discussion in the group.


Whilst you will get the most from the group if you are an active member you will not be forced to talk about anything you are uncomfortable with. The sessions allow you to practice the techniques learned in the security of the group.

You progress will be tracked through a short questionnaire at the start of each session. This will help your therapist to monitor your improvement and offer guidance and advice that is tailored to you.


If you are interested in joining any of our courses please refer yourself.


1 day workshop

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Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners 

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