Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy or DIT aims to help you understand the connection between presenting problems and what is happening in your relationships through identifying a core repetitive pattern of 
relating that can be traced back to childhood. Once this pattern is identified, it will be used to make sense of difficulties in relationships in the here-and-now that could be contributing to psychological stress.


DIT focuses mostly on relationship problems and aims to help individuals recognize specific and enduring relationship patterns and to introduce changes. Your therapist will encourage you to reflect on what you think and feel, thereby enhancing your ability to manage current interpersonal difficulties. During this therapy, your therapist will help you find more appropriate ways of being and coping with difficult relationships in your life. When a person is able to deal with a relationship problem more effectively – and to change the way they respond – levels of psychological stress often improve


What is required?

  • Commitment to attending sessions
  • Openness to new perspectives
  • Ability to set limited achievable goals to work on during treatment