Our Wellbeing Team is now offering a series of wellbeing workshops designed to support your specific needs, these are all free to attend and run regularly throughout the year. Our workshops are available to anyone over 18 and living within Wandsworth or registered with a Wandsworth GP.

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Talk Wandsworth, 56 Tooting High Street, SW17 0RN

One of the most exciting and rewarding times of one’s life is the arrival of a new child. The tension over the weeks and months leading up to birth; the anxiety and stress at delivery and the temporary calm when mother and baby come home. As the weeks roll by, parents are challenged to balance all the demands of caring for the every need of the child running a home; meeting with friends and family who are keen to see the new addition; while seeking support and reassurance to know that they are “doing it right”! The tendency is the person(s) which is most likely to be overlooked is the parent; even by them.

The Maintaining your wellbeing as a New Parent course aims to invite you to:

  • Identify the joys and challenges of parenting a newborn, be it the first time or not.
  • Acknowledge the high demands of those early days, months or years, and offer tips and strategies to help parents not only survive but find aspects to reflect and maybe even enjoy.
  • Provide strategies, resources and tips to help make the page one of fulfilment.
  • Focus on maintaining your wellbeing as a new parent.
  • Exploring the importance of self-care and self-compassion in your new role as a parent.

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