Our Wellbeing Team is now offering a series of wellbeing workshops designed to support your specific needs, these are all free to attend and run regularly throughout the year. Our workshops are available to anyone over 18 and living within Wandsworth or registered with a Wandsworth GP.

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Talk Wandsworth, 56 Tooting High Street, SW17 0RN

An informative and hands-on workshop with a particular focus on understanding the role anger plays in our lives and ways to overcome it. You will learn strategies to better manage your anger and irritation in everyday life and explore a range of responses to anger triggers and social attitudes toward it.

  • Focus on understanding the development of anger
  • Explore a range of responses to anger triggers, the function of anger and social attitudes toward it.
  • Explore methods to identify your own triggers and look into the psychology and physiology of anger.
  • Learn ways we can adopt strategies to manage our anger and irritation in everyday life.
  • We will also focus on soothing and stress reducing techniques to help better manage your anger triggers

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